The Plank Room Project draws upon the abundant history and function of one on the greatest bedrooms at the school known worldwide as the Mother board Room. The project is always to pay homage to the historical room’s first aesthetic and frequently symbolic characteristics, while at the same time to shed mild upon the darker, not as much appreciated earlier through today’s lenses. The original Board Bedroom was created in 1890, only two years after the first class of students seated for their school degrees with the University of Edinburgh. At this point, the Provost and the President were avidly involved with the school and worked hard to ensure that it was an excellent company. Today, these very concepts still guide the Board Room Project, the industry group of college students who make use of photography to focus on the present, and examining the far more decorative past.

Various board get togethers today happen to be conducted in large areas filled with company clutter, numerous people sitting down for very long stretches of their time, exchanging business cards, making little talk, and answering many questions above lunch. Even though these kind of board get togethers are quite prevalent, the original Board Room quickly became known as the place just where business offers were made, and then for many management and university principals, this served as a nerve center of much activity. Today, many board meetings uses an area exclusively for interaction, in which the focus is much less on organization and more in what people have learned about each other. This type of panel meeting bedroom allows the scholars to ask queries, share options, and engage within that – human connections.

The job has benefited students in a number of various ways. They have been able to use video conferencing to create presentations intended for school meetings and to record their own personal lectures and discussions. They may have also been capable of document happenings and apply these recordings for forthcoming research projects in order to consult with other teachers or perhaps educational experts.


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